INFANTS (6-12 months)

  • Board books with photos of babies
  • Sturdy, brightly-colored board books
  • Books with pictures of things they see every day – balls, bottles, chairs, dogs
  • Small books sized for small hands

YOUNGER TODDLERS (12-24 months)

  • Sturdy board books they can handle and carry
  • Books that show children doing familiar things – sleeping,  eating, playing
  • Goodnight books for bedtime
  • Books about saying goodbye and hello
  • Books with only a few words on the page
  • Books with simple rhymes or predictable text

OLDER TODDLERS (24-36 months)

  • Books with pictures and names of many different things
  • Books with board pages – but also books with paper pages
  • Silly books and funny books
  • Books with rhyme and rhythm, and repeated text they can learn by heart
  • Books about children and families
  • Books about food, animals, trucks, and other favorite objects

PRESCHOOLERS (3-5 years)

  • Books that tell stories
  • Books about kids who look like and live like them – and also books about different places and different ways of living
  • Books about going to school or daycare
  • Books about making friends
  • Books with simple text they can memorize
  • Counting books, alphabet books, search and find books

Source:  Reach Out and Read